Why we rebranded


Adrienne Young Communications started out as a one-person consulting business, which quickly morphed into a creative services firm offering strategic planning, media relations, social media, email marketing, advertising, event activation, website development, graphic design, collateral development and more. 


We were good at all those things, but we wanted to be the best at something. So, our team sat down and looked at all the things we felt we were strongest at executing, had the most fun doing, and had the best results.  We quickly concluded that social media and influencer marketing was where our passion and talent collide.  And (this probably won’t surprise you), we had the most success in these areas for our clients.


So, on January 1, 2017 we launched our new company, Poppy Social Media.  We wanted a name that represented the state we love and had a nod to our client work (agriculture - specifically food, flowers and wine). 


With a growing team of talented social media professionals on staff, Adrienne Young Communications just didn’t feel like an accurate title anymore either.  We aren’t the creative force of one anymore, we are a team of individuals who monitor our client’s brands 24/7 and are constantly coming up with new fresh ways to engage and grow online communities.


We are passionate about sharing the farmer message with consumers and feel great about encouraging people to purchase nutritious food, beautiful flowers and savor-worthy wine.  All things that enrich people’s daily lives, helping them live their best life and enhance their celebrations.


Could we take on clients outside of these areas?  Yes, we could, but we choose not to because we want to be the best, and to be the best you need to focus.  Focus on studying the consumer and focus on keeping on top of the social media world, which changes daily.


Poppy Social Media’s focus and mission is to be the best social media firm in the nation dedicated to promoting food, flowers and wine.  We aren’t there yet, but we will be!  We hope you join us for the ride.