Influencer Marketing and How It Can Improve Your Business

Everyone is talking about influencer marketing these days, but we know how overwhelming or even confusing that could be for you. Will it work for my business? How do I know if it’s the right thing to do? Where do I even start? These are all questions we’ve heard before and we’re here to help!

Let’s start with what influencer marketing actually is. It’s a form of marketing that focuses on key individuals (influencers) rather than targeting a market as a whole. Simply put, you’re able to talk to your target audience through a third-party endorsement and what they’re telling their audience about you and your business is much more beneficial than what you could tell their audience about you and your business. This is how you create brand advocacy and that can be a successful and cost-effective strategy.

We put our knowledge to the test recently with Expo Party Rentals, a local business that specializes in making events unforgettable. Their goal was to bring more awareness to their rental services and encourage followers to rent party supplies for their next big event instead of buying them and having to store them after the party is over. And the best part? There’s no cleaning afterwards. All dishes, linens, etc. can be returned without being washed because Expo handles all that for you. From Thanksgiving dishes to birthday party décor, the possibilities were endless!

Here are some of our blogger’s parties and experiences!

Jewelry & Jeans

Local fashion and lifestyle blogger, Rema Koligian, was thankful this year that using Expo Party Rentals allowed her to stress less over the details and spend time enjoying Thanksgiving with her family.

Chef Shayna

Chef Shayna Slosman hosts a weekly cooking segment on ABC30, a local news station in Fresno, CA. In her spare time, she also hosts a lifestyle and cooking blog to share tips and tricks for teaching the joy of cooking by including kids in the kitchen.

For Halloween, she and her husband decided to host a backyard party at their beautiful home. They picked out their tables, linens, décor and more, but the only thing standing in their way was the rain. That is, until Expo Party Rentals saved the day with two outdoor tents to keep their guests dry.

Annie Foreman

A realtor by day and a lifestyle blogger by night, Annie Foreman knows how to throw a good party. For her stress-free Christmas party, she eliminated all of the shopping and running around town by ordering all her items from Expo Party Rentals. 

Pat Merlo

Local blogger, Pat Merlo, hosted a Five Favorite Things Party and got all the bling she needed to make her night fabulous from Expo Party Rentals. Her photos speak for themselves – she and her guests had a ton of fun at the party! 

Still not convinced influencer marketing can help your business? Experts agree, there’s no sign of slowing down when it comes to influencers and the buzz they can create about your service or products.

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