Three Tips for a Successful and Entertaining Facebook Live

In December 2015, Facebook offered a live-streaming video option to all users and since then it’s taken off with individuals, companies and organizations sharing experiences live.

With the Facebook algorithm now favoring live video, the organic engagement from live content has allowed users to reach a far greater audience. In a blog post, Facebook Product Manager Vibhi Kants wrote, “We're making a small update to the News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live.”

In 2016, we took our client’s Certified American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour live on Facebook by using the live feature and interviewing farmers and florists during the event. 

By going live during the dinner, we could bring potential customers to an actual dinner in real time so they could get a taste of what a dinner experience is like.  Facebook users watch live video three times longer than regular video, so we believe going live whenever possible is a smart investment.

But if you plan on going live on Facebook as a personal brand, company or organization, here are three tips to help you succeed: 

Promote it to your audiences across all your social channels

This tip has to be the most overlooked step when individuals, brands or organizations plan on going live. The key to this is to make an announcement post on your news feeds about your upcoming live video on all your platforms; social accounts, email newsletter, blog, etc. Depending on the importance of your live video, you could boost your announcement post through a paid Facebook ad. It’s all about informing your audience before you go live, so make sure to schedule an announcement post days before your broadcast day and another reminder post within 30 minutes prior to making your live appearance on Facebook.


Practice, practice, practice!

Preparation for Facebook Live has many moving parts that need to be considered from the start. First is location. When planning where you’re going to go live, make sure you are able to minimize background noise and have a strong internet connection. It’s important that your audience is able to hear you clearly and see you clearly so you can successfully deliver your message. Second, decide whether you are holding your phone during your broadcast or using a device mount.

Bonus tip: PRACTICE! Be sure to do a practice video to test your sound, connection, talking points and gain an overall feel of how your video will be delivered to your live audience. It is important to remember people enjoy personable conversations. This is SOCIAL media after all! Relax, be sure to introduce yourself, your company and what you plan to cover in your live broadcast. Also make sure to have fun and don’t forget to smile!


Analyze the results for potential opportunities and growth

Take time to look into your live video metrics. You’ll be able to see helpful stats that could assist your plans for future live broadcasts. These analytics allow you to see the total number of people who watched a portion of the video, as well as a running count of how many viewers you had from the videos entirety.

From these results, try brainstorming and experimenting with different strategies for your next live videos. Try broadcasting on a different day of the week, a different time or with a longer or shorter broadcast time. You could even add a second personality with you so it’s more converstaional. It’s all about trying new and fun ways to engage your audience to get the most bang for your buck on Facebook Live. Have fun!


Let us know if you have any Facebook Live tips in the comments below! We would love to hear them all!